cost to replace a roof in San Antonio

What is the Cost to Replace a Roof in San Antonio?

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What is the cost to replace a roof in San Antonio?

Has your roof been damaged or is it nearing the end of its life span? If so, it might be time to look into a complete roof replacement instead of just a repair. 

Roof repairs help to extend the life of a roof after an incident occurs that causes some damage, but sometimes it might be better and cheaper to replace the roof in its entirety. 

If you’re looking for the cost to replace a roof in San Antonio, we here at Stephens Roofing can help you answer that question! 

It’s not as cut-and-dry as you think, but we will lay the groundwork for understanding the costs and what else is involved in a roof replacement. 

Get An Inspection 

Whether you have a shingle roofing system or a metal roofing system, you should always have an annual or bi-yearly inspection. Ideally, you should have your roof inspected 2 times a year, before winter and summer to ensure that it is in good condition and that there are no signs of impending damage or issues. 

However, a yearly inspection can give you a good idea of how your roof is holding up in the area in which you live. 

Typically, shingle roofs can last anywhere between 15-25 years and metal roofs have a lifespan between 30-50 years. 

The lifespan of your roof depends on what kind of wear and tear it takes on every day. If you live in an area with strong winds, heavy rainfall, hail, hurricanes, or any other massive storm systems, your roof might need to be replaced sooner than you think. 

A professional roof inspection will give you a better idea of what needs to be done to keep your home and family protected. Having a professional inspection isn’t as costly as you think and can save you thousands of dollars and will keep you from going on your roof yourself! 

Check out our previous article, 5 Benefits Of Having A Professional Roof Inspection, for further insight. 

cost to replace a roof in San Antonio Professional Estimate

The cost to replace a roof in San Antonio isn’t one-size-fits-all. An estimate from an experienced residential roofing company will help you solve the mystery of what it will cost to replace your roof. 

When reviewing your roof, a roofing contractor will look at the size, materials needed and other factors to create an estimate. 

If you’re considering switching from a shingle roofing system to a metal roofing system, you may see that the price is higher due to the higher initial cost of a metal roof.

Stephens Roofing is the leader for San Antonio metal roof installation and repair

You may want to choose higher quality materials in this new construction to give your roof the best chance of living its full lifespan. 

As we said, there is no specific number when it comes to the cost to replace a roof in San Antonio, but we found that it does range between $5,000 to $10,000 and averages about $7,500. 

Want To Know The Cost To Replace A Roof In San Antonio? – See Stephens Roofing

Don’t settle for the cheapest estimate, choose the estimate that keeps your home, family and possessions safe. 

Here at Stephens Roofing, we have been serving the Greater San Antonio area for 4 decades and we know what it takes to build a safe roofing system using the highest quality materials. 

We work with residential roofing systems as well as commercial roofing systems to ensure that everyone has a safe foundation for their homes and businesses. 

Schedule your free estimate today by giving us a call at 210-796-2201. 


professional roof inspection

5 Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

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5 Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the dangers of trying to inspect and repair your own roof. 95% of roof-related injuries are caused by homeowners with no roofing experience or understanding of safety measures. 

So when your roof needs an inspection why would you risk being one of the 150,000 people injured? That is a little over 400 people PER DAY who are injured on their roofs. 

If you suspect that your roof needs an inspection due to age, weather-related damage, or any other issue, review these 5 benefits of having a professional roof inspection and then pick up the phone and call a professional residential roofing company like us, Stephens Roofing. 

Benefit 1: Safety First

As we said above, going up on your roof is DANGEROUS. If your roof has sustained damage, you might not see it right away and it could be camouflaged by your shingles. 

Since you are not experienced enough to identify common and uncommon roof problems, you could step in a weak spot or risk electric shock from wiring. 

Don’t be part of the statistics above. Let a professional handle the maintenance and repair. 

Benefit 2: Get The Full Picture

Looking at your roof from a safe distance below won’t give you the full picture of what is actually happening closer up and beneath the surface. You may not see lifted flashing or damaged roof materials. 

Professional roof inspections give you ALL the details. Professional roofers know exactly what to look for when inspecting a roof. They are knowledgeable about the type of weather your area receives and the type of damage or wear and tear a roof takes in that particular climate. 

Benefit 3: Save Money

When you have the full picture of what your roof needs you are better able to prepare for the costs of the repair or replacement. Don’t just settle for a few patches and some new shingles; make sure you’ve got it all repaired so that you don’t have to worry about it happening again and spending more money. 

professional roof inspectionBenefit 4: Easier Insurance Filing

Roofing companies know exactly what an insurance company is looking for when filing a claim. Don’t risk being denied and paying out of pocket for a roof replacement or repair because you didn’t get it adequately inspected. 

Make sure you get the full value of your claim by allowing your roofing contractor to assist you with your filing. 

This ensures you don’t get less than you need and you are covered for repairs needed. 

Benefit 5: Get To The Problem Before It Becomes Serious

A good rule of thumb is to have your roof inspected 2 times a year (before winter and before summer). By having a professional roof inspection you can find out the amount of life left in your roof as well as any issues that could become problematic in the future. 

Like your car, a roof needs an inspection. If a mechanic finds an issue and tells you that your brakes are nearing the end of their life, are you going to spend 6 more months driving around until catastrophe strikes? No, you will fix it before something major occurs. 

The same goes for your roof. Your contractor can tell you about a problem that is easily fixable, manageable and inexpensive in order to save you from severe damage and costly repairs. 

Need A Professional Roof Inspection? Call Stephens Roofing

If you need a general roof inspection or suspect that your roof has sustained damage after a storm or other incident, call us here at Stephens Roofing for a FREE estimate today.

We can help you with all your shingle and metal roofing needs. 

Check out our article “Metal roofing vs shingle roofing: which is better?” for more insight if you are in the market for a new roof!

We are the leading San Antonio metal roof installation and repair company as well as the top commercial roofing company in the area. 

To learn more about how we can help you, browse our services, check out our blog page and send us a message! 


Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing, Which Is Better?

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Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing, Which Is Better?

Are you planning on building a home in the near future and are trying to decide what roof is best for you? Maybe your current roof is nearing the end of its life and you’re in the market for a new one. 

Regardless of why you need a roof, it’s important to look at all of the options available to you. In the past, most homeowners would have simply opted for the common, asphalt, shingle roof, but now, more are choosing metal roofing to protect their family, pets and possessions. 

So how do you know which residential roofing system is better? We’ve got the answer below. 

When it comes to determining metal roofing vs. shingle roofing, it boils down to a few factors, appearance, cost, and durability. 

So let’s get to the bottom (or top) of the question! 


Typically, in the past, shingles were the primary roof choice. There weren’t too many options to choose from but now metal roofs have become a popular choice for residential properties. 

Both metal and shingle roofing systems have made strides in the style category in recent years. 

Shingles can be made to look like slate, tile, wood and even have rounded scalloped edges for a more detailed finish. Metal roofs are no longer the corrugated metal that gives off an industrial look. Instead, they are sleek and modern with endless color options to give the home an updated look. 

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing


A new roofing system is an expensive, but necessary investment. When deciding on a new roof both metal and shingle roof systems have various costs

A shingle roof is less expensive upfront, but over time with maintenance, shingle replacement, and lifespan of 20 years, the cost will add up. 

A metal roof is more expensive in the beginning but has a lifespan between 30-40 years and requires little to no maintenance or repair. Metal roofs are also energy efficient and you may even qualify for tax credits by installing one. 


As we said above a shingle roof has a lifespan of about 20 years and a metal roof can last around 40 years with proper maintenance.

Both are strong, stable systems but both have their weaknesses. 

Shingle roofs can lose shingles, grow mold, and moss, and can crack allowing water to penetrate beneath the top layer. 

Metal roofs can become damaged by hail and debris like falling limbs from trees. You can also damage a metal roof by walking on it improperly.

Durability matters. Both metal and shingle roofs are durable but it may come down to where you live and the type of weather you get in your area. 

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing – What To Choose For Your Home

Metal roofing vs. shingle roofing – which is better? The answer is “it depends”. That may seem like a bad answer but it truly depends on where you live, what your budget is, the style you’re looking for and more. 

It is in your best interest to let a roofing company help you in the decision-making process because each home is different and they are the experts in their field. 

Here at Stephens Roofing we offer San Antonio metal roof installation and repair as well as shingle roofing installation and repair all throughout the southern Texas region. 

To learn more about the roofing services we provide, browse our website, and review our blog page featuring articles like, How to get your roof ready for spring

To further discuss your roofing needs, schedule your free estimate today.

roof ready for spring

How To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

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How To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

The clouds are breaking, the weather is warming back up, it’s staying lighter longer. Those can mean one thing, Spring is upon us! 

As a homeowner you may do your yearly “spring cleaning” and while you’re doing that you should include taking a look at your roof and getting it ready for spring and summer. 

How do you get your roof ready for spring? Great question! 

Even though we don’t get the harsh winters like our neighbors to the north, it’s still important to inspect your roof after the winter to ensure its stability and structure. 

Here are a few tips on how to get your roof ready for spring! 

Check For Damage

High winds, freezing temperatures, sleet, hail, and even snow can have damaging effects on your roof. What may seem like a minor issue at first can become catastrophic if left unrepaired.  

If you see missing shingles, metal roof components rusting, discoloration, bent flashing (the metal around the components sticking out of the roof) or any other “cosmetic” issues, those could be signs of roof damage beyond what the eye can see. 

The top layer of your roof (shingles, flashing, etc) is the first barrier of protection. Once those barriers have been penetrated, you are susceptible to further damage and more significant issues. 

If this is something you’ve found upon general inspection from the ground (it is not advised to go up ONTO the roof without proper training or equipment), call your roofing contractor and have them do an inspection and maintenance check as soon as possible to keep the damage and costs to a minimum. 

We offer metal roofing repair in San Antonio and shingle roof repair along with other residential roofing services in the southern Texas area. 

roof ready for spring

Clean Your Gutters

Here at Stephens Roofing we recommend that you clean your gutters every 3-4 months and especially after harsh weather conditions. 

Even though gutter cleaning isn’t a glamorous task, it is necessary to ensure proper drainage.

Clear out your gutters of any debris, fallen leaves, mud, and the occasional bird’s nest (safely relocate) to allow water to flow freely as it runs off your roof. 

It’s also important to check the stability of your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are firmly attached and make any necessary repairs to re-stabilize them. 

Check The Attic

Your attic is the highest point in your home, so it’s obvious that it will be the first place to show signs of damage if your roof has been compromised. 

Head up into your attic and check for signs of roof damage. Look for signs of leaking, water stains, mildew, black marks, and mold. Finding any of these can be an indication that your roof has been compromised. 

Call your roofing contractor to inspect the roof and make any necessary roof repair

Get Your Roof Ready For Spring With Stephens Roofing

If you’re needing to get your roof inspected to get your roof ready for spring, call us at Stephens Roofing for a free estimate

We recommend getting your roof inspected twice a year; once before winter and once before summer to ensure it is in good condition and will continue protecting your family and possessions. 

We provide residential roofing services as well as commercial roofing services in the San Antonio, Boerne, Austin and other areas around the Southern Texas region. 

metal roofing repair in San Antonio

Metal Roofing Repair In San Antonio: What You Should Know

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Metal Roofing Repair In San Antonio: What You Should Know

When you think of a metal roof, you associate it with commercial properties like grocery stores, gas stations, and more. Now, however, metal roofing is becoming more common in residential homes to add a sleek, modern look and feel to the overall design. There are many benefits to metal roofing systems, one of those being the longer lifespan and another being the modern look like we stated above. 

However, with the new popularity of metal residential roofing comes a whole new set of roofing maintenance rules and standards that you may not know. Typically, we are used to maintaining shingle or asphalt roofing systems, and we know what to look for in terms of damage and repair. 

So what should you know when it comes to replacement, maintenance, and repair of metal roofing in San Antonio? Here at Stephens Roofing, we are your go-to San Antonio Roofers, and we’ve got the answers! 

Recognize The Red Flags

You might not notice the issues and red flags with your metal roof the same way you would with a shingle roof. There are no missing shingles, plant life growing on the roof, or discoloration that shows the telltale signs of damage. 

Here are some signs of metal roof damage and a reason to give your roofing contractor a call: 

  • Your roof is close to or has its 30-year lifespan
  • You notice that the paint has been chipped or scratched
  • There is a noticeable dent or damage from a storm, falling limb, or other objects
  • Seams coming open
  • Roof oxidation (rust)
  • Flashing damage or age-related wear and tear

Of course, any type of major weather systems like hail, high winds, hurricanes, extreme freezing, and tornadoes can all cause massive damage to your metal roof. 

Even in Texas, you never know what will happen and what kind of metal roofing repair in San Antonio you will need. 

metal roofing repair in San Antonio

What To Do Next – Metal Roofing Repair In San Antonio

If you noticed that your car had damage to it, needed a tune-up, oil change, inspection, or new tires, you would take it to a mechanic and get it fixed by a professional. So that’s exactly what you should do when you notice issues with your metal roof. 

It’s also important to NOT WAIT to get it inspected. A minor, relatively inexpensive repair can become very costly and do more damage to the inside of your home if you don’t take care of the issue. After every major weather system like hail, hurricanes, or tornadoes, it’s imperative you get your roof inspected. 

Keep your family, your possessions, and your home safe by having your roof inspected every 6 months (in the spring and fall). This will prevent you from being unaware of potential roof issues that you might not notice. This is especially important if your roof is over 15 years old.  Even though the lifespan of a metal roofing system is about 30 years old, you may not notice the structural damage as easily as you would a shingled roof.  

Want More Information On Metal Roofing Repair In San Antonio? – Call Stephens Roofing

If you are in need of metal roofing repair in San Antonio, call Stephens Roofing today for a FREE estimate! We have been repairing, replacing, and installing residential and commercial roofing systems for over 4 decades, and we enjoy serving those in the San Antonio area, including homes from Hill Country all the way to the Coast!

Check out our website, follow us on social media and read our blog page featuring articles like When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof for more information about how we can help you with all your roofing needs. 


best time to replace your roof

When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof?

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When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof?

Roof looking a little shabby? Are you noticing missing shingles, discoloration, or experiencing leaks or wet spots? Maybe your roof is nearing the end of its life span (20-25 years for shingle roofs, 30 years for metal roofs) 

Those are the telltale signs of needing a roof repair or replacement. But, regardless of the need to replace or repair, it needs to happen sooner or later.

We know that emergency repairs happen after major storms, fires, or any other type of destructive event, but it’s always best to plan ahead for when your roof might need to be fixed or replaced. 

So how do you know when the best time to replace your roof might be? We’ve got your answers right here in this blog! 

Know What To Look For

As we said above, there are telltale signs of needing to repair or replace a roof. If you aren’t already getting your roof inspected at least once a year, you may not be seeing any “invisible” damage or damage has been done underneath the main roof covering. 

Things like flashing around protruding roof objects like pipes and chimneys can wear down from the elements, and the tight seal that once kept water and moisture out can now be allowing that moisture to seep in and slowly erode the structures underneath. 

“But wouldn’t my ceiling leak?” No, not necessarily.  It might be hidden by dripping behind the walls or be a slow drip that slowly does damage to just the structure over time.  

If you can’t remember the last time you had your roof inspected, it is imperative that you call your roofing contractor to come out and look.  You could be saving yourself thousands of dollars by having a simple repair done compared to a full replacement. 

However, if you do believe it is nearing the time for a roof replacement, or if your roofing contractor tells you to prepare for a roof replacement in the near future, here are the best times to replace your roof in Texas. 

best time to replace your roofBest Time To Replace Your Roof

Luckily for the homeowners in Texas, we don’t experience long harsh winters like our neighbors to the North.  Typically the best time to repair your roof is early fall or mid-spring/early summer. However, roofing companies are slammed during those months, prices are increased, and you could be waiting weeks or months to even get started.  

That is why we tell people to plan ahead.  Schedule your roof repair or replacement at least 4-5 months in advance so that you can be fit into that “sweet spot” of a time frame.  Many people wait to call right when the damage is noticeable, or it is an “emergency” fix. But, again, we know that unforeseeable events happen, and we do consider those when preparing our projects. 

But again, luckily for Texas homeowners, you can get a roof replacement in the off-season, which could be October-November or February-May, barring any bad weather conditions like freezing, snow, or rain.

If you live in Texas, you can get your roof replaced practically any month of the year. Roofing systems are best installed in dry weather when the temperature is above 45 degrees.   Even in the winter, Texas temperatures can reach the 70s or 80s.  

Our best advice for the best time to replace your roof would be to schedule an inspection and make a plan with your San Antonio roofer to anticipate when that replacement might happen. 

It is a big undertaking and could even put your family out of the house for a short period of time. It is also a costly project.  One that doesn’t come cheap. So it is best to prepare and save.  A roof inspection and replacement plan give you that time! 

Need To Schedule An Inspection Or Replacement? Contact Stephens Roofing Today! 

If you live in the San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, or surrounding areas and need to schedule a roof inspection or possible replacement, schedule your appointment with Stephens Roofing today! 

For over 40 years, we have been helping Texas homeowners and business owners repair, replace and install residential roofing and commercial roofing systems.

To learn more about our services, browse our website and check out our blog page featuring articles like Top 5 Tips For Winterizing Your Roof.

Don’t wait until it is too late; schedule your FREE estimate today! 


winterizing your roof

Top 3 Tips For Winterizing Your Roof

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Top 3 Tips For Winterizing Your Roof

Even though it’s uncommon for San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, and surrounding areas in Texas to experience below-freezing temperatures and snow during the winter, it’s still worth noting that winterizing your roof is a task that every homeowner should do regardless of their local climate. 

Winterizing your roof doesn’t just mean preparing for snow. It means getting your roof ready so that you don’t have to worry about getting on a ladder in cold temperatures, high winds, or unruly precipitation. 

Practicing preventative maintenance on your roof before the winter season arrives is a great way to extend the life of your roof and keep it structurally sound for years to come. 

After working in the residential roofing and commercial roofing industries for close to 40 years, we at Stephens Roofing have picked up some helpful tips to get your Texas home ready for the winter season (even if there’s no snow!) 

You always want to be prepared and avoid roof repair when it’s preventable (especially during the winter). 

So keep reading to learn how you can keep your roof and home safe during the winter months! 

Tip 1: Clean The Gutters 

When was the last time you looked at your gutters? Probably never. It’s a good rule to clean your gutters 2 times a year. Early fall and early spring (daylight savings day is a GREAT time to do this) are recommended, but it always depends on the climate where you live. 

If you know you’re going to be getting a lot of rain and foliage, you might want to consider cleaning the gutters at the end of summer. 

Regardless, this is an important part of getting your roof ready for winter. If you have clogged gutters, you’ll get ice, sludge, debris, and water pooling which can overflow and damage the roof. Also, whatever comes off of your roof should go right into the gutters, and if your gutters aren’t clearing the water and runoff properly, it can flood your yard! 

winterizing your roofTip 2: Make Minor Repairs

Minor repairs can save you from making significant repairs down the line. 

Trim tree limbs that hang over your roof that may damage it if the limb falls during high winds or a storm. 

Replace old caulking around the roof. By resealing, you’re going to ensure that there are no leaks, and you’ll save money by creating a more energy-efficient home. 

Check for animals, birds, rodents, and other pests. As the weather changes, animals will try to find warm, dry shelter. These animals can be invasive and chew through wiring, caulking, insulation, and more. 

If you find that you have a rodent or animal taking up residence in your roof, call pest control to handle the issue. 

Tip 3: Schedule A Roof Inspection

This may seem obvious, but how many times do you put off having housework done unless it’s absolutely necessary. We let laundry sit in baskets unfolded until we need it, so it’s common to let this type of home maintenance fall to the wayside. It’s a task that is out of sight, out of mind until something major happens. 

Call an experienced roofing contractor (like us!) to come out and inspect your roof to find any weak points or parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. Even a few missing shingles can cause damage because it’s leaving your roof cover exposed. 

You may find that your entire roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Read our latest article, “How to know when it’s time to replace your roof,” for more insight. 

Don’t Wait, Call Stephens Today! 

These tips for winterizing your roof can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs and give you peace of mind that your home and family will be protected through the season. 

There is still time to ensure that your roof is ready for winter and sturdy enough to sustain any damage that these Texas winds might blow your way. 

The harshest part of winter comes in later January through March, so don’t wait and call us to schedule a FREE estimate

replace your roof

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

By Residential Roofing

Everything has a shelf life. The milk in your fridge, your car, even your sneakers after you’ve worn them hundreds of times. 

Just like everything else, your roof will eventually need replacing. 

It may not be as noticeable as an expiration date or a blown engine, but it’s just as important when it comes to replacing it. 

As a homeowner, you should be aware of all the appliances, utilities, and infrastructure that may need replacing down the line, even if you bought everything brand new when you moved in. 

When you bought your home, did you ask what year the roof was replaced? Is the roof new, or has it been repaired or recovered? What kind of insurance and warranty is on the roof? 

It’s important to know this information because when it comes time to have your roof replaced, you’ll want to know what you’re dealing with! 

Pro tip: Your roofing contractor can help you find out all of this information. If you need help, search “roofing contractor near me,” or if you live in the San Antonio or Austin areas, call us here at Stephens Roofing for a Free Estimate and guidance! 

If you’re not sure when to replace your roof, keep reading! We’ve curated a few examples below that will give you insight on whether or not your roof needs replaced! 

Your Roof Is Old and Hasn’t Been Inspected In Years

Even though roofs are meant to withstand and protect for years, they do have a limit of viability. So if your roof is more than 20 years old and hasn’t been repaired/recovered, it is vitally important that you have a roofing inspector come out and assess your roof. 

Your roof may look okay on the outside, but there could be water damage on the inside that is wreaking havoc on the wood and supports underneath the shingles and covering. 

The smallest crack in a seal or a lifted or missing shingle can lead to significant damage if not properly fixed. However, if caught early, you may just need a roof repair instead of an entire replacement. This repair can extend the life of your roof beyond 20 years and still keep it structurally sound. 

As a rule of thumb, you should have your roof inspected every year if your roof is over 15 years old or if you live in an area susceptible to bad weather and high winds. 

replace your roofYour Roof is Leaking

If you’ve found water spots of leaking inside your home on the ceiling, this is an obvious sign that there is a problem. It may be a plumbing issue, but if nothing has been found to be wrong with the plumbing, the leak will probably be due to a roofing issue. Once the leak has gotten to the ceiling and most likely into the walls, you have damage that might not be readily noticeable from the surface. 

Inside your roof, you have wooden supports, but you also have insulation and other materials that can mold or become ruined due to a damaged roof. 

You also have electrical wiring that can be damaged and cause a fire, further issues, or injury when it’s wet or damaged. 

If you suspect that a leak is coming from your roof – you will want to call your contractor right away. They will assess the issue and also help you with insurance/warranty claims. 

Don’t Know When To Replace Your Roof? Call Stephens Roofing!

If you’re unsure if it’s time to replace your roof or if your roof needs to be repaired or recovered, call us at Stephens Roofing

For close to 4 decades, we have been serving San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, and surrounding areas helping homeowners and business owners with all of their roofing needs. 

For more residential roofing or commercial roofing, information visit our website, browse our blog page and schedule a free estimate with one of our roofing professionals. 


professional roofing contractor near me

How To Choose A Professional Roofing Contractor Near Me

By Roofing estimate

In our last article, we talked about what to look for in a roofing estimate.  We gave you some questions to ask your roofing contractor and what information they should be giving you regarding the estimate.  But how do you even find a reputable roofing company to help? 

If you’ve been searching for a “professional roofing contractor near me” to help you with your roofing needs, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure that you find the best roofing contractor for the job! 

The Search Process

If you’re searching for professional roofing contractors near me, you’re going to find a slew of companies who are ready to help you! 

You can also get references and referrals from family and friends, but ultimately YOU are the one that decides who to hire.

But how can you figure out which roofing company is right for your project when you have what seems like endless options? 

You take the time to interview and choose the one that is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and helpful towards your project.


Interviewing roofing contractors is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best company for the job. 

Interviewing may seem like you’re adding more time onto getting what you need completed, but hiring the wrong person could mean more money and more repairs or replacements in the long run. 

Yes, you can search their information, look at testimonials and other projects they’ve completed but getting to know who is going to be working on your home and the literal covering that protects your family and possessions, is crucial. 

It’s also worth noting that you should interview at least 3 roofing contractors in order to get the most accurate and appropriate estimates on your roof. One contractor might find something and one might miss something so having a knowledgeable idea of what you need done will also help you get the job completed right the first time. 

professional roofing contractor near me

Interview Questions

As a homeowner and not a roofing contractor, you may not know what needs done or what questions to ask. 

As professional residential roofing contractors for close to 4 decades, we are here to help! We’ve curated a list of questions to ask the contractors you’re interviewing to ensure that you’re getting quality work completed by experienced professionals. 

Now we aren’t saying that these are the only questions you should ask, but this is a good starting point! 

  • Are you licensed and registered with all appropriate business entities? 
  • Do you have your own crew or do you sub-contract? 
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Do you have referrals and references to similar projects in the area? 
  • Do you have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance?
  • What is the time frame of my project? 
  • If something happens and you need to go over the proposed time frame how do you manage that time? 
  • What are the payment terms? 
  • Do you have a maintenance/follow up policy or contract? 
  • Do you help with insurance and warranties for the materials used?

It’s also worth looking at our previous article on what to expect during a roofing estimate to cross reference those questions and get the answers you need for the estimate as well! 

Searching for a Professional Roofing Contractor Near Me? 

If you’re in the San Antonio area, and searching for professional roofing contractors to help with your project, consider interviewing us, Stephens Roofing, for the job! 

For over 30 years we’ve serviced those living in the San Antonio, Boerne, Austin and surrounding areas. We are all licensed and certified to help those with commercial roofing needs as well! 

Whatever your project needs, we’ve got the experience, knowledge and training to get the job done right the first time! Schedule your free estimate today and get on the right track to completing your roofing project! 



roofing estimate

What To Expect From A Roofing Estimate In San Antonio

By Roofing estimate

Roof leaking? Damaged after a storm? Need shingles replaced? Maybe your roof is older, and it’s finally time for a replacement. Check out our previous article, “How To Know When To Repair Or Replace Your Roof,” for helpful information!

Whatever your roofing needs, you will always want to get a roofing estimate from a knowledgeable and trustworthy roofing company. 

Never had a roofing estimate before? That’s okay! We are here to ensure you know what to expect and a few questions to ask when it’s done. 

Your roof is literally your protection, so it’s important to work with experienced roofing professionals. If you’re searching for a roofing estimate in San Antonio, you’re in luck because that’s an area that we, Stephens Roofing, serve! We’ve been serving the San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, and surrounding areas for close to 4 decades now, and we have the knowledge, training, and tools to get the job done right, each and every time.  

But enough about us, let’s get to the main point of this article.  

Roofing Estimate – Process

It’s essential to know what is happening during a roof estimate and to make sure that your roofer is looking at every angle and assessing every possible issue. Make sure that you get these answers from your roofer when they have completed the assessment and estimate.

  • Full work description – What issues are being addressed and resolved
  • Material being used and the cost of materials
  • Information on crew/subcontractors and labor costs
  • Start and completion date
  • Warranties on material and services provided
  • Clean up and removal information
  • Permit information – Who is responsible for getting permits
  • Payment terms
  • Total cost
  • Roofing contract/additional roofing maintenance agreement
  • If roof is being replaced – new insurance information

roofing estimate

Roofing Estimate Questions

After the roofer gives you an estimate on your roof, you want to ask the following questions:

  • Are you a licensed roofing contractor?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Can you provide references for other similar projects?
  • Do you have workman’s comp and general liability insurance?
  • Will you use your own crew, or will you subcontract? 
  • Can you explain what you will be doing and what is involved in clean-up and removal?
  • If the project goes over the planned time frame, what is your plan?
  • If more material is needed, do you already account for that in the original cost? On average, how much more is typically needed to complete the project?

Keep track of these answers and compare them to other roofing estimates that you’ve gotten.  Always interview multiple people for the job.  That is essential advice.  You want to work with someone who will be patient and understanding of your questions, give you answers and be 100% about YOU, the customer.  If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and contact more companies until you find one that clicks.  

Your roofing contractor will be your go-to for future inspections, installations, repairs, and maintenance.  They will also be there to help with insurance and warranty questions.  A reliable and trustworthy roofing company will be organized, precise and knowledgeable. 

Need a Roofing Estimate in San Antonio?

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