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5 Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the dangers of trying to inspect and repair your own roof. 95% of roof-related injuries are caused by homeowners with no roofing experience or understanding of safety measures. 

So when your roof needs an inspection why would you risk being one of the 150,000 people injured? That is a little over 400 people PER DAY who are injured on their roofs. 

If you suspect that your roof needs an inspection due to age, weather-related damage, or any other issue, review these 5 benefits of having a professional roof inspection and then pick up the phone and call a professional residential roofing company like us, Stephens Roofing. 

Benefit 1: Safety First

As we said above, going up on your roof is DANGEROUS. If your roof has sustained damage, you might not see it right away and it could be camouflaged by your shingles. 

Since you are not experienced enough to identify common and uncommon roof problems, you could step in a weak spot or risk electric shock from wiring. 

Don’t be part of the statistics above. Let a professional handle the maintenance and repair. 

Benefit 2: Get The Full Picture

Looking at your roof from a safe distance below won’t give you the full picture of what is actually happening closer up and beneath the surface. You may not see lifted flashing or damaged roof materials. 

Professional roof inspections give you ALL the details. Professional roofers know exactly what to look for when inspecting a roof. They are knowledgeable about the type of weather your area receives and the type of damage or wear and tear a roof takes in that particular climate. 

Benefit 3: Save Money

When you have the full picture of what your roof needs you are better able to prepare for the costs of the repair or replacement. Don’t just settle for a few patches and some new shingles; make sure you’ve got it all repaired so that you don’t have to worry about it happening again and spending more money. 

professional roof inspectionBenefit 4: Easier Insurance Filing

Roofing companies know exactly what an insurance company is looking for when filing a claim. Don’t risk being denied and paying out of pocket for a roof replacement or repair because you didn’t get it adequately inspected. 

Make sure you get the full value of your claim by allowing your roofing contractor to assist you with your filing. 

This ensures you don’t get less than you need and you are covered for repairs needed. 

Benefit 5: Get To The Problem Before It Becomes Serious

A good rule of thumb is to have your roof inspected 2 times a year (before winter and before summer). By having a professional roof inspection you can find out the amount of life left in your roof as well as any issues that could become problematic in the future. 

Like your car, a roof needs an inspection. If a mechanic finds an issue and tells you that your brakes are nearing the end of their life, are you going to spend 6 more months driving around until catastrophe strikes? No, you will fix it before something major occurs. 

The same goes for your roof. Your contractor can tell you about a problem that is easily fixable, manageable and inexpensive in order to save you from severe damage and costly repairs. 

Need A Professional Roof Inspection? Call Stephens Roofing

If you need a general roof inspection or suspect that your roof has sustained damage after a storm or other incident, call us here at Stephens Roofing for a FREE estimate today.

We can help you with all your shingle and metal roofing needs. 

Check out our article “Metal roofing vs shingle roofing: which is better?” for more insight if you are in the market for a new roof!

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