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In our last article, we talked about what to look for in a roofing estimate.  We gave you some questions to ask your roofing contractor and what information they should be giving you regarding the estimate.  But how do you even find a reputable roofing company to help? 

If you’ve been searching for a “professional roofing contractor near me” to help you with your roofing needs, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure that you find the best roofing contractor for the job! 

The Search Process

If you’re searching for professional roofing contractors near me, you’re going to find a slew of companies who are ready to help you! 

You can also get references and referrals from family and friends, but ultimately YOU are the one that decides who to hire.

But how can you figure out which roofing company is right for your project when you have what seems like endless options? 

You take the time to interview and choose the one that is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and helpful towards your project.


Interviewing roofing contractors is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best company for the job. 

Interviewing may seem like you’re adding more time onto getting what you need completed, but hiring the wrong person could mean more money and more repairs or replacements in the long run. 

Yes, you can search their information, look at testimonials and other projects they’ve completed but getting to know who is going to be working on your home and the literal covering that protects your family and possessions, is crucial. 

It’s also worth noting that you should interview at least 3 roofing contractors in order to get the most accurate and appropriate estimates on your roof. One contractor might find something and one might miss something so having a knowledgeable idea of what you need done will also help you get the job completed right the first time. 

professional roofing contractor near me

Interview Questions

As a homeowner and not a roofing contractor, you may not know what needs done or what questions to ask. 

As professional residential roofing contractors for close to 4 decades, we are here to help! We’ve curated a list of questions to ask the contractors you’re interviewing to ensure that you’re getting quality work completed by experienced professionals. 

Now we aren’t saying that these are the only questions you should ask, but this is a good starting point! 

  • Are you licensed and registered with all appropriate business entities? 
  • Do you have your own crew or do you sub-contract? 
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Do you have referrals and references to similar projects in the area? 
  • Do you have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance?
  • What is the time frame of my project? 
  • If something happens and you need to go over the proposed time frame how do you manage that time? 
  • What are the payment terms? 
  • Do you have a maintenance/follow up policy or contract? 
  • Do you help with insurance and warranties for the materials used?

It’s also worth looking at our previous article on what to expect during a roofing estimate to cross reference those questions and get the answers you need for the estimate as well! 

Searching for a Professional Roofing Contractor Near Me? 

If you’re in the San Antonio area, and searching for professional roofing contractors to help with your project, consider interviewing us, Stephens Roofing, for the job! 

For over 30 years we’ve serviced those living in the San Antonio, Boerne, Austin and surrounding areas. We are all licensed and certified to help those with commercial roofing needs as well! 

Whatever your project needs, we’ve got the experience, knowledge and training to get the job done right the first time! Schedule your free estimate today and get on the right track to completing your roofing project! 



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  • I like that you said I should talk to at least three roofing contractors before making a final choice. That way, I can compare their services and prices. I plan to hire a roofer soon to replace the missing shingles in my roof, so thanks for the tips.