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Patio Covers & Carports

Having a Patio Cover Will Help Control the Temperature

Is your patio too hot to handle? A Custom Wood or Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover will lower the patio cover in backyard temperature and keep out the rain so you can enjoy the beauty of your own backyard all year round! Our patio covers and carports are an affordable addition to your home that adds beauty and protection from that HOT south Texas sun! A patio cover is a great home improvement to have whether you’re entertaining or simply relaxing outside. It can easily be one of the best investments for any homeowner.

A patio cover increases the value of your home. It looks and gives each home a bit of a personal touch. A patio cover from Stephens Roofing & Remodeling is a smart way to beat the hot south Texas sun and reap the many rewards a patio cover has to offer. A patio cover will give you the ability to get more use out of your backyard all year round. You and your family will be able to relax and enjoy it more often with a quality patio cover installed on your home.

Protect Your Car by Installing a Carport Addition

Carports are an affordable addition to your home that adds beauty and protection from hail, birds, rain and that HOT south Texas sun! Protect your automobile or RV (as well as yourself) with a custom carport from Stephens Roofing & Remodeling. Other than your house, your second largest investment is your car. A garage cannot always fit your car or the other cars on your lot, leaving them outside and unprotected from the climate.

South Texas weather can shift from scorching hot to heavy rain & hail storms quickly which can lead to immediate damage to your vehicle. A carport is a valuable solution in protecting your vehicle from both the Texas heat and storms. Our insulated carports & patio covers can drop the temperature 15 to 20 degrees!

With a 3″ or 6″ thick foam center with aluminum skin, laminated top and bottom make all of our covers are strong enough to walk on. You also have the option to mount fans & lighting directly to the cover ceiling.

Call us for an appointment and we can give you a Free Quote on a walkway cover, carport, RV, boat, deck or patio cover you’ve always wanted!