3 Benefits of Metal Roofing in San Antonio

You’ve seen metal roofs on buildings and businesses, but now, you may start seeing them on more homes in your area.  When you think of a roof, you may think of the typical shingled roof; however, when it comes time to replace a roof, homeowners are ditching the shingles for metal! 

Here at Stephens Roofing, we offer the choice of shingle or metal.  We are seeing an uprise in those choosing metal, and it’s because of all the benefits that a metal roof provides.  

In our last article, “What is the Cost of a Roof Replacement Near Me?”, we discussed how replacing your roof isn’t thought of very often, but when those red flags of replacement start showing, we can help get the job done right the first time. 

If you’re in the market for a roof replacement or just want to change up the look of your home, check out these 3 benefits of metal roofs; you may end up calling us to get one! 

1. Long Term Savings

When considering what type of roofing material you want for your home, it’s essential to look at all available options. 

You may think that a metal roof is only used for businesses, but in fact, it can save homeowners money!

The cost for a metal roof initially is more than a shingle or asphalt roof; however, a metal roof will lead to savings in the long run!

Several factors go into the reason that metal roofs create long-term savings. These factors are also the other benefits! 

metal roofing

2. Durable & Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs last longer than your typical roofing materials. For example, the average life of a shingle roof (asphalt or wooden) is about 20 years when maintained properly. 

The average life of a metal roof is 50! This also makes a metal roof more environmentally friendly. The materials used and the fact that it lasts a lifetime make it an eco-friendly, green alternative option. Millions of shingles are sent to landfills each year and take years to break down, which makes switching to a metal roof good for your wallet and the environment! 

Another bonus and testament to the durability of a metal roof is that you won’t get any mold or plant life like moss and vines because of the moisture in the material. Plantlife can lead to the breakdown of the base of the roof, which can ultimately cause further damage and leaks. 

3. Heat Reflecting & Energy Saving

Have you ever touched asphalt on a hot day? It can be extremely hot. When you’ve got an asphalt roof, your home is absorbing all that heat through the shingles and the top of your home. 

While you may think that metal roofs are worse, they are actually heat-reflecting! 

The type of metal material used reflects the heat and keeps the roof from overheating and absorbing the heat energy created. As a result, your air conditioner won’t be absorbing all that energy, so it will work more efficiently, and your house stays cool! This saves the life of your A/C unit and is another mark for cost and energy savings

You can also get a tax credit for having a metal roof installed; ask your roofer about the details! 

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If you’re looking to replace your current roof, read our latest article, “What is the cost of a roof replacement near me,” for more insight. You can also find more information on our website.