Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers

Watch out for "Storm Chasers" that might come sweeping through the area.

When a hail storm like this hits here in South Texas there will be some out of town company's here to "work" the storm. Most of the time they offer lower prices to get you to commit to them to let them do the roof on your house. Be very careful on who you choose to repair or replace your roof! These out of town company's might not be around long enough to know the job is done right. They also have a lot harder time coming back to fix any issues you might have later and might not come back at all.

A lot of these "Storm Chasers" have you sign a pseudo legal commitment for them saying it was for them to talk to your insurance company and put their sign in your yard. They then call you frequently or knock on your door, pressuring you when you don't have the job done right away.

One way you can protect yourself is to see if they are members of the local better business bureau. Also they should be licensed with the city.